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I have gained immensely from Proview Abacus. Abacus Course has help me to become much more confident. I have been able to overcome my fearness regarding Maths. Now Mathematics become very easy for me. Thank you Proview Abacus.(Class IV National English School)
Miss Tanisha Shaw(28-02-2010)


Thank you sooo much for helping me to improve my Mathematical skills. It's very impressive way to make us concentrate.You explain things in a very creative and simple way, I like it a lot! Best Regards, Rahul (class VI Calcutta Boys)
Master Rahul(11-03-2010)


What were the most influential factors in your decision to send your child to The Proview Abacus?" 1) the individualized attention to each child's needs; 2) the creative methods of working with the student to address not only his/her weaknesses but also his/her strengths; 3) the belief that each can beleive on the potential of themselves.
Ronita Sinha (31-03-2010)


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